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Things to Do

There's a lot of beautiful natural scenery around Fredrock and a host of ways to explore it. Whether you elect to stay on the property or venture out and around Fredericktown, Missouri, there is sure to be an activity for you.  Plan your visit to Fredrock and make your stay a memorable one.

Explore Our Trails

Exploring our trails is always fun. The tree canopy covered trails that lead to 12 Mile Creek are so beautiful and serene. Bring a picnic and eat water side or nestled in the woods. Wear you swim suit because you will not be able to resist the water after your hike around our trails.

Fredrock's trails offer a variety of wildlife including rabbits, deer, beaver, frogs, turtles many different species of birds. Be sure to look into the crystal clear water to check out the fish, crawdads and soft shell turtles. But please keep your eyes peeled for the occasional snake, as you are in their home.

Pawpaw Fruit Picking

Before Fredrock we didn't know about Pawpaw fruit, but lucky for us there are tons of Pawpaw trees throughout the trails of the property. Feel free to bring a basket and pick your own Pawpaw to enjoy during your stay. These yummy treats taste like if a banana and mango had a baby fruit! Best way to pick is to just shake the very tall tree. but be careful as the ripe Pawpaw will plop down off the trees easily. They look like green potatoes. Ripe Pawpaw will feel slightly mushy when you squeeze them, then you'll know they're ripe. Slice in half, pull apart, and eat with a spoon, beware of the large seeds. Seasonal fruit, best time for ripe Pawpaw is mid-August through September.

Horseshoe Hill

We have two horseshoe pits on the hill. We invite you to go play a game during your stay.

12 Mile Creek

12 Mile Creek is a spring fed creek that runs year round. Here at Fredrock you will have access for swimming or wading in 12 Mile Creek. The water depths vary from 4 inches up to 7 feet deep. There are some beautiful geological wonders along this stretch including some absolutely gorgeous Shut-Ins and small bluffs. Hunting for rocks and arrowheads is one of our favorite things to do on the creek banks.

Other Attractions
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